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Stop smoking Tips | Hypnotherapy In Newcastle upon Tyne Hypnosis

If you read many of the smoking articlessmoking statisticssmoking facts about the effects of smokingsecondhand smoking and the dangers of smoking online, you will understand why it's a good idea to quit smoking today. Smoking cigarettes is an incredibly bad habit which will eventually cause your health to deteriorate.

Why Do People Smoke?

There are many factors as to why people start to smoke and many reasons why they should consider stopping smoking. Many people start at a very young age when they are at school due to peer pressure to fit in with the crowd. Other people unfortunately don’t see it as a problem because they see their parents or people that they look up to lighting up.
The vast majority of people that smoke are influenced by tobacco companies advertising which attempts to make the bad habit look glamorous and link cigarettes to physical relaxation. There is nothing glamorous or attractive about a person getting mouth cancer, lip cancer, lung cancer or one of the many other smoking related cancers... Read More

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