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Hypnotherapy In Newcastle upon Tyne For Help With Drug Addiction

Are you looking to find hypnotherapy in Newcastle upon Tyne for help with drug addiction?. Quays Clinic can help you. Some people can use recreational drugs or prescription medication without ever having addiction problems.
For many other people this is just not the case and they build up a dependency on the drugs that they are taking.
Abusing drugs can lead to problems at home, work, school or in a relationship. Drug addiction can leave the drug user feeling, very helpless or incredibly isolated.

Where Does Addiction Begin?

There are quite a few reasons as to why people try drugs. Many people try drugs because they are curious whilst others do it because of peer pressure from friends.
Some may try it to cope with stress and anxiety or severe depression while others may try drugs to have a fun time at a party or outing.
It really doesn’t matter what the initial reason is for trying the substance, drug addiction quite often follows.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is where a person compulsively looks for and uses drugs for their own satisfaction. They are aware of the consequences to not only themselves but to friends and family members around them.
Drug abuse is not so much about the quantity of drugs that are taken or how often they are taken but it is more about what the exact consequences of taking the drugs are.
It really doesn’t matter about the quantity of the drugs that are being consumed or how regular the drugs are being taken. If the drug use is interfering with a person's personal life, home life, work or relationship, this is most certainly a drug addiction... Read More

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