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Hypnotherapy Near Cullercoats For Quitting Smoking Weight Management

Are you looking to find hypnotherapy near Cullercoats for help with quitting smoking or weight management? Quays Clinic can help you.
What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a very natural mental state of mind which has physiological characteristics which resembles sleep.
When a person is in the natural state of hypnosis there is an increased level of mental awareness which amplifies a persons sensory awareness.

All Hypnosis Is Self-Hypnosis

An individual in the natural state of hypnosis is said to have increased focus andconcentration with the ability to concentrate intensely on a specific idea or memory.
All hypnosis is just self-hypnosis. Using hypnotism has been used for many centuries for healing purposes and pain management.

Where Did Hypnosis Come From?

The term “hypnosis” originates from the Greek word hypnos, “rest”. Words “hypnosis” and “hypnotism” both derive from the term “neuro-hypnotism” (worried sleep) coined by Scottish surgeon James Braid around 1841.
Braid based his practice on that developed by Franz Mesmer and his fans “mesmerism” or “animal magnetism”, however varied in his theory about exactly how the treatment worked.
There is a belief that a person in hypnosis is in a kind of unconsciousness looking like sleep, however modern study suggests that hypnotic subjects are totally awake and fully aware of happening around them.
Patients likewise show an increased response to suggestions that are given to them by professional hypnotherapists in Cullercoats... Read More

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